Alarm Enforcement: Duties include the following:

  • Handling applications and fees for alarm system permits
  • Issuing alarm system permits and O.L.E.I.S. numbers to alarm system subscribers and keeping them on file
  • Enforcing and processing false alarm fees
  • Maintaining financial records of fees collected
  • Investigating false alarm appeals and making a final determination of responsibility

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Onondaga County Alarm Law, Local Law 6-83: (Section 1.10) The purpose of this Local Law is to set forth regulations governing burglary and robbery alarm/security systems, businesses, agents, and subscribers within the County of Onondaga, excluding the City of Syracuse, require permits thereof, establish fees, and provide for penalties of violations of this Local Law.

Alarm System Permit: (Section 4.20) It shall be a violation of the Local Law for any subscriber to maintain an alarm/security system at his/her residence or business premises without first obtaining an alarm/security permit pursuant to the provisions of this Local Law. Further, it shall be a violation of this Local Law for any alarm business or agent to render operational any alarm/security system until such time that the subscriber has been issued a valid permit by the licensing authority.

When you get an alarm system, it is the responsibility of the alarm company to forward the appropriate application along with a one-time only $30* payment for your alarm system permit. If your alarm company does not provide this service, please call Alarm Enforcement at (315) 435-3014 and an explanation can be provided on how to do this yourself.

Once this is accomplished, you will receive a packet which will include your permit along with your O.L.E.I.S. number. It is your responsibility to obtain your O.L.E.I.S. plaque, unless it is provided by your alarm company. (A list of engravers is include in your packet for your convenience.) Any changes in your information should be made through your alarm system company.

False Alarms/Fees: (Section 7.00) Any subscriber, including exempt agencies, aged, and handicapped persons, whose alarm/security system activates a false alarm, as defined in Local Law 6-83, within any 365-day period, shall be subject to the following fee schedule:

False alarm fees are payable by check or charge (Mastercard or VISA).

* NOTE: Any fees listed are subject to change.

# of False Alarms Penalty *
1 No Fee
2 No Fee
3 $100
4 $150
5 $200
6 $250
Over 6 $500

Check out these tips on False Alarm Prevention.
Revocation: (Section 7.10) Failure to pay any false alarm fee within 21 calendar days will result in termination of automatic law enforcement response to an alarm/security system activation.

Appeal: (Section 7.20) Any subscriber may appeal the false alarm fee by filing a written objection within 10 calendar days of the issuance of the fee notice. The licensing authority shall respond, in writing, accepting or rejecting the appeal. Only verifiable emergency conditions will result in acceptance of appeal.

Enforcement: (Section 7.30) An action may be commenced by the County Attorney in any court of competent jurisdiction for the amount of any fee assessed herein.