03/24/21 Account Clerk 1 Position within the Civil Department- Hours for this position are Monday – Friday 9:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M. Accepting a lateral transfer from another Onondaga County Department with Account Clerk 1 status and or provisional appointment. Interested candidates will be subjected to a polygraph examination, a comprehensive background investigation and fingerprinting with a cost of $88.75. If interested in applying, please click here for an application and contact Sheriff’s Human Resource Supervisor Michelle Williams at 315-435-1776.

**What is a provisional appointment?**
A provisional appointment is a temporary appointment to a competitive class position for which no eligible list currently exists or for which an eligible list exists with fewer than three candidates who are willing to accept the position being offered. In order to become permanent, the employee who is provisionally appointed must take the next examination for the position in question. The appointment to the position is then made from among the three highest scoring candidates who indicate their willingness to accept the position. Civil Service law does not compel the appointing authority to choose the provisional employee should he or she be one of the three candidates.



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