Personal Service

All cases sent to the Civil Process Division for service should include the “Personal Service Information Form” or a cover letter explaining what papers are being served. Include the complete contact information of the Plaintiff or the Attorney for the Plaintiff and the appropriate number of copies of the paperwork to be served. Use the Service Fee and Mileage Fee links on this page to determine the appropriate fees. Cases will not be processed without the correct fees paid in advance.

Send or bring paperwork to be served, along with the appropriate fees and copies to:

Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office
Civil Process Division
407 S. State Street
Syracuse, NY 13202


Please be sure that the service fee and the mileage fee are associated with the address where the  papers are being served.

When sending in Civil Process Paperwork to be served:
Money Order made payable to “Onondaga County Sheriff.”
Certified Bank Check made payable to “Onondaga County Sheriff.”
If you are bringing in paperwork, we also accept cash at the window.

Income Execution 

Regarding income execution payments, the Sheriff’s Office can only accept a minimum payment of 10% of gross pay per CPLR §5231 (b), and/or pursuant to the Federal minimum hourly wage prescribed in the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 and explained in the section “Limitations on the amount that can be withheld” found in the income execution itself.

When paying on an income execution please utilize one of the three options:

1) Submit a Payment by Mail

You may pay by mail with a money order or certified bank check made payable to “Onondaga County Sheriff.”

Please include your name and execution/file number on your remittance.

Send payments to:

Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office

Attn: Civil Division

PO Box 5252,

Binghamton, NY 13902-5252

2Submit a Payment in Person

You may pay in person with a money order, certified bank check or cash.

If paying by credit or debit, the payment is processed by AllPaid. AllPaid is a private vendor and additional fees will be assessed by AllPaid for using their service.

To pay in person, visit the Civil Department at 407 South State Street, Syracuse, NY.

3)  Submit a Payment Electronically

You may pay electronically with a credit or debit card using our AllPaid service. AllPaid is a private vendor and additional fees will be assessed by AllPaid for using their service.

To make a payment on an income execution, you will need to provide the following information:

Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office Pay Location Code (PLC) is a003qy



Phone number

Execution/File number

Last four digits of Social Security Number

Payment amount

Payment type for an Income Execution is “Debtor Payment”.

Click to make payments for:  Income Execution


ATTENTION:The staff of the Civil Process Division is not authorized to provide forms, legal advice or assistance in completing any forms. If you need legal advice or assistance regarding a Civil matter, we recommend that you contact an attorney.