police_armorerA deputy assigned to this duty is responsible to annually conduct full inventories and inspections of the Sheriff’s Office owned handguns, shotguns, and ammunition ensuring all weapons meet factory specifications and there is a sufficient supply of appropriate ammunition to meet training needs and for Duty use.

The Annual Inspections Program requires that the member’s permanently issued Glock be temporarily returned to the Armory for detailing while a temporary loan pistol is issued to the member so they can continue to work. The initial issued pistol is returned to the member after being inspected and detailed, and once inventory is checked with the loan gun and it is returned to the Armory.

The deputy’s duties include:

  • Accounting for all Sheriff’s Office weapons
  • Ensuring that all Sheriff’s Office issued weapons are clean and function according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Performing maintenance and repair on department owned firearms
  • Maintaining an adequate supply of ammunition and supplies in stock to ensure that Sheriff’s Office members are able to perform their assigned duties
  • Reviewing the Discharge of Firearms reports, and tracking firearm movement to ensure that appropriate firearm and ammunition is used for the task performed
  • Conducting annual inspection
  • Recertifying as a Glock Armorer by attending the Glock Armorer School at the Police Academy