The Custody Administrative Section consists of two units: Administrative Support and Compliance.

Primary Mission: Custody Administration Section:

The Custody Administration Section is comprised of the Compliance and Programs Units. The Section’s primary purpose is to assist in the management of the inmate population. This is done through a comprehensive classification process, an objective disciplinary hearing procedure, and a transparent grievance program. The Section is the primary liaison with all outside agencies in support of the facility and of the inmate population.

Primary Mission: Compliance Unit:

The Compliance Unit of the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office Custody Department is dedicated to ensuring code, standard, statutory, regulatory, accreditation compliance in all Justice Center operations and programs by conducting regular tours, internal audits, and inspections of the entire Justice Center to ensure that the Justice Center is making progress toward program and operational objectives using accepted criteria and to be able to identify potential problems.

Primary Mission: Programs Unit:

The Programs Unit is responsible for the classification of the inmate population, as well as the coordination and implementation of all inmate programs and services. Additionally, it ensures appropriate housing placement for medical, mental health and special needs, and identifies suitable inmates for educational and vocational programs pursuant to New York State Correction Law. In addition, the Programs Section will facilitate communication between the inmate population and the court system, attorneys, and outside agencies to ensure the inmate population is aware of court dates, assigned council and other matters pertaining to their custody.