The Control Section is a secure, multi-faceted and control-oriented section of the Security and Operations Division. It is the mission of this section to provide security and safety to fellow staff members, the public, and inmates. This section consists of three units and one team: Central Control Unit, Program Security Unit, Segregation Housing Unit and the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT).

Central Control Unit: Deputies in this unit are responsible for operating the main security and communications systems within the Justice Center. They maintain a secure perimeter and limit access to critical areas of the Justice Center. Their responsibilities include:

  • Controlling pedestrian traffic into and out of the facility
  • Operating the Automated Security System (utilizing “touchscreen” controls for the opening and closing of doors to facilitate movement within the Justice Center)
  • Monitor all alarm systems including Man-Down, Fire, HVAC, and portable radio alerts
  • Act as a point of contact for official telephone traffic, issue and track all facility keys, facility weapons and inventory
  • Make notifications of emergencies as they arise
  • Operate audio-visual equipment during emergencies and unusual incidents
  • Complete appropriate reports and documentation of incidents that occur

Program Security Unit: Deputies in this unit provide attention and appropriate security for certain programs and activities including inmate work details and Contact Visitation. Their responsibilities include:

  • Checking visitors for outstanding warrants
  • Ensuring documentation is complete and correct
  • Recording sessions using installed audio-visual equipment
  • Conducting security searches of the entire visitation area before and after each session
  • Escorting inmates to and from visitation
  • Conducting strip searches on all inmates after each visit
  • Conducting pat-down searches of all visitors before visitation

Segregation Housing Unit:This unit is responsible to maintain appropriate supervision of inmates within this housing unit, conduct safety tours of assigned areas, identify, conduct and oversee inmate work details, and provide necessary services, supplies and programs to inmates in this housing unit.


Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT):This team consists of deputies assigned to the Control Section. Utilizing state-of-the-art training and equipment, team members respond to emergency situations involving inmates. Being a member of this team requires on-going rigorous training specific to emergencies that may be encountered and in-service participation in emergency response team activities. Assignments are geared to allow team members to be the first responders to any emergency situation that arises within the Justice Center. Ultimately, all deputies assigned to the Control Section are cross-trained in all units and are active members of SERT.

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