police_abuse personThe dedicated members of this unit are responsible for investigating all sex-related crimes including all instances of sexual assault or child molestation, felony-level child abuse cases, child abductions, all child/infant deaths, and conducting non-criminal investigations involving persons missing for more than five days or under unusual or dangerous circumstances. They continually strive to build successful cases for criminal prosecution and/or presentation in Family Court. In addition, this unit assists in public awareness and educational activities as designated by the Sheriff and/or his designee.

This unit is also divided into smaller specialized groups: Internet Crimes, Domestic Violence, and the Sex Offender Registry

Internet Crimes: Detectives conduct all computer child pornography and traveler-type investigations.

Domestic Violence: Detectives conduct follow-up investigations of certain domestic violence incidents, elderly abuse incidents, and participate in the domestic violence program “Resolve” with Vera House.

Sex Offender Registry: This unit oversees the Sheriff’s Sexual Offender Tracking program, which currently implements Megan’s Law in the towns and villages within Onondaga County. (This program complies with all Sex Offender Registration Act requirements, which includes offender registration, change of address notifications, and annual verifications.) They also provide community notification.

This unit works closely with members of McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center ,Vera House, the District Attorney’s Special Victims Bureau, Child Protective Services, Alliance, the Child Abuse Response Team, and State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies