The Housing Section provides a secure, humane living area for incarcerated persons. This section is responsible for supervising inmate activity, orienting inmates to the operation of a Direct Supervision Facility, and managing inmates in general population, medical, mental, health, and reception housing pods. It is under the Security & Operations Division and consists of two units: Housing Security Unit and Special Housing Unit. Each of these units is further divided into pods.

Housing Security Unit: This unit is divided into the Reception Pods, General Population Pods, and Program Pods.

Reception Pods: After the inmates are booked, they are held in these pods for up to 120 hours to be observed and then, if still incarcerated, their classification is determined and they are moved to their assigned housing pod. Each inmate has their own cell and is allowed out of their cell for a limited amount of time each day: first day for 1 hour, second day for 2 hours, and the third day for 3 hours.


General Population Pods: Each housing pod is managed using the direct supervision methodology provided by highly trained staff and a variety of services including medical care, law library, legal and religious visitation, recreation, and a reading room. Educational and vovational programming is provided, however there is an emphasis on substance abuse programs and referrals due to over 80% of those booked into our system having substance abuse related problems. Each inmate in this unit is allowed out of their cell for approximately 11 hours a day, as long as they abide by the rules.

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Program Pods: These pods are used for inmate programs.

Special Housing Unit: This unit is divided into the Medical and Behavioral Health Pods.

Medical Pod and Behavioral Health Pods:These separate housing units are supervised by deputies and include a staff of health care professionals to provide medical and mental health assistance to inmates. The deputies in this unit work with mental health staff to ensure that inmates in need of referral receive needed care.

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