The Programs Section is responsible for the development, management and supervision of inmate programming, coordination of inmate work programs, classification coordination, liaison with the school district, and liaison with the courts and other facets of the criminal justice system. This section is under the Support Services Division and consists of three units: Classification, Activity Development & Supervision, and Court Liaison.

Classification Unit: After being booked, this unit classifies all inmates held beyond the first 72 hours. All members of this unit are trained in classification theory and techniques. (Classification is used to determine appropriate custody levels, housing assignments, and program activities.)

Activity Development & Supervision Unit: The deputies in this unit develop, manage, and supervise inmate programs and activities. They are responsible for inmate movement and security to and from programs and activities including school, bible study, religious services, etc. They also coordinate inmate work programs.

Education: The educational needs of inmates continues to be one of the Sheriff’s Office highest priorities. Inmates are encouraged to participate in programs to help meet their individual needs. In order to participate in classes, inmates are required to complete a Test of Adult Basic Education to determine their appropriate grade level. The Sheriff’s Office along with the Syracuse City School District currently offer the following programs:

Adult Basic Education Life Management Education Office Skills Class
  GED Family Education Art Class
English as a Second Language Parent and Child Together Food Service Class
Building Maintenance Action for Personal Choice Painting Class

Inmate Requests: This unit is also responsible for inmate referrals for services such as marriage licenses, educational, AA services, substance abuse counseling, etc.

Court Liaison Unit: Members of this unit act as a liaison between the inmates and the courts and other facets of the criminal justice system.