Animal Abuser Registry

The Onondaga County Animal Abuser Registry was established in 2017 by an act of the Onondaga County Legislature. The complete law may be viewed here.

Anyone convicted of animal cruelty, who resides in Onondaga County, is required to register with the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office within five (5) days of their release from incarceration or, if not incarcerated, from the date of the conviction. The registry is not retroactive.  The information listed below has been supplied by convicted offenders to the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office.

Names of Offenders

Name: Richard M. Gerharz

Address: 178 Colby Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13206

Convicted: August 2017

Name: Andrew D Coy Jr.

Address: 220 Hier Avenue Syracuse, NY 13203

Convicted: October 2017

Name: Jane M. Richards

Address: 6715 Buckley Road Apt 205 N. Syracuse, NY 13212

Convicted: October 2017

Name: Brian L. Person

Address: 1322 South Avenue Syracuse, NY 13207

Convicted: October 2017

Name: Cheryl L. Bowens

Address: 208 Barrett Street Syracuse, NY 13204

Convicted: February 2018

Name: Joanne Ruggireo

Address: 1100 W. Colvin Street Syracuse, NY 13207

Convicted: March 2018

Name: Scott Cooper

Address: 320 Putnam Street Syracuse, NY 13204

Convicted: June 2018

Name: Howard Bethea

Address: 804 North Alvord Street Syracuse, NY 13208

Convicted: June 2018

Name: Rennie Rall

Address: 138 Grumbach Avenue Apt #2 Syracuse, NY 13203

Convicted: August 2018

Name: Anthony McCauliffe

Address: 357 Elm Street Syracuse, NY 13203

Convicted: August 2018

Name: Michele Piper

Address: 1802 Butternut Street Syracuse, NY 13208

Convicted: August 2018

Name: Laura Briggs

Address: 636 Catherine Street Apt #2 Syracuse, NY 13203

Convicted: September 2018

Name: Yolanda Williams

Address: 322 Elm Street Syracuse, NY 13203

Convicted: November 2018

Name: Tyler T. Simon

Address: 3221 Burns Avenue Syracuse, NY 13206

Convicted: January 2019

Name: Jennette Filicia

Address: 314 Green Street Syracuse, NY 13203

Convicted: February 2019

Name: Trent L. McMillan

Address: 156 West Fourth Street Fulton, NY 13069

Convicted: March 2019

Name: Nieisha Howington

Address: 1163 Bellevue Avenue Syracuse, NY 13204

Convicted: May 2019

Name: Stephen Clemons Jr.

Address: 501 Pacific Avenue Syracuse, NY 13207

Convicted: June 2019

Name: Cassandra Jones

Address: 323 Maple Street, Syracuse, NY 13210

Convicted: June 2019

Anyone selling, giving away or adopting an animal to another person must check the Onondaga County Animal Abuser Registry prior to any change in ownership. Giving, selling or adopting an animal to a person on the Onondaga County Animal Abuser Registry is a violation of county law.

For informational use, links to other county registries in New York State are provided below