Administrative Operations

The staff members in the Civil Process Division – Administrative Operations Section are responsible for all Income Execution cases and also the preparation of Civil Process that requires service by a Deputy. All cases received are reviewed by staff for accuracy and the correct fee’s are collected for each case.

Income Execution cases are prepared and served to debtors or their employers. Monies are collected which are then disbursed to pay off outstanding judgments.

Money that is received by the Civil Process Division for the collection of outstanding debts is turned over to Plaintiff’s or their attorneys. Fee’s and Poundage collected by the Civil Division is turned over to the Onondaga County Department of Finance.

All cases sent to the Civil Process Division should include a cover letter with specific instructions, four copies of the legal papers to be served, the appropriate service fee’s and phone numbers for the Plaintiff or Attorney where we can get additional information.

Send correspondence to:
Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office
Civil Process Division
407 S. State Street
Syracuse, NY 13202

The staff of the Civil Process Division is not authorized to provide legal advice. If you need legal advice regarding a Civil matter, you should contact an attorney.

New York State has recently changed the law regulating fee’s charged for mileage. The Mileage fee’s are sorted by Zip Code. The Service fee’s are sorted by the type of Civil Process being served. Click on the links below for updated Service fee’s and Mileage fee’s. The Service fee’s are combined with the Mileage fee’s to reflect the total cost for service.

Civil Process Service Fee’s

Civil Process Mileage Fee’s