This section is comprised of a Human Resources Manager, a Human Resources Supervisor, and six additional Onondaga County CSEA employees.

The Human Resources Manager handles all employee disciplinary matters, coordinates with the Onondaga County Law Department on these issues, and oversees the daily operations of all of the units within the Human Resources Section.

The Human Resources Supervisor coordinates all canvassing, recruiting, and screening of prospective employees, processes all employee transfers/assignments, coordinates all employee promotions, oversees all medical-related issues, and supervises the Personnel and Payroll Units.

This section is divided into two units: Personnel and Payroll.

Personnel Unit: This unit is responsible for recruiting and pre-employment screening of potential employees to include canvassing, initial application processing, background investigation and polygraph examination. This unit also handles application of benefits for all current employees, processing of Injury/Illness reports and related medical information, promotion, demotion, assignment, discipline, discharge, and retirement of employees.

Payroll Unit: This unit is responsible for processing data pertaining to hours worked, accrued leave used, and other information pertaining to their participation submitted by all Sheriff’s Office employees in order to properly compensate them in accordance with current collective bargaining agreements and Onondaga County policy. Some of their duties include:

  • Acquiring and processing employee attendance and leave data
  • Amending the data and making necessary payroll adjustments where required
  • Generating processed payroll data to Comptroller’s to compensate employees
  • Making appropriate notifications regarding payroll and attendance issues
  • Processing new employees to include completing appropriate paperwork and data entering their information so they are added to payroll and insurance policies
  • Processing any change in employment status to include retirement, transfer, resignation, termination, or death