This section’s primary mission is to support the administration of the Sheriff’s Office through the management of all business-oriented operations affecting the Sheriff’s Office.

The Fiscal Section Manager assists in budget preparation, submission, and defense of the Sheriff’s Office annual budget. The Manager is the review and approval authority of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Purchasing, and oversees the daily operational issues in all areas of the Fiscal Management Section.

This section consist of seven units as follows: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, Facilities Management, Fleet Management, Grants Management, and Supply & Services.

Accounts Payable Unit: This unit coordinates payments for purchases and services received by the Sheriff’s Office with the Onondaga County Comptroller’s Office, records and tracks payment made against the chart of accounts, deposits payments made to the Sheriff’s Office through the Onondaga County Finance Department, balances all appropriation and revenue accounts for the annual budget as well as projects and grants, and is the Primary Petty Cash Custodian.

Accounts Receivable Unit: This unit prepares and sends out bills for billable accounts with the Sheriff’s Office and coordinates the Grant and Project Financial statements for receiving appropriate revenues.

Purchasing Unit: This unit’s deputy coordinates purchasing of all commodities with the Onondaga County Purchasing Department, approves payment for purchases made, coordinates and documents the receiving of purchases made, and coordinates contracts for services used by the Sheriff’s Office.

Facilities Management Unit: This unit arranges the maintenance and repairs for all Sheriff’s Office buildings with Facilities Management and private vendors, arranges the cleaning of all Sheriff’s Office buildings with Facilities Management and private contractors, and assist in the area of fleet operations and supply and services.

Fleet Management Unit: This unit’s deputy coordinates the assignment and repairs of all Sheriff’s Office vehicles, including installed and loose equipment. In addition, the deputy arranges for the replacement of vehicles each year with new vehicles added to the fleet and assists in budget preparation in the area of vehicles and vehicle equipment.

Grants Management Unit: This unit supports initiatives of the Sheriff’s Office by identifying funding sources outside of taxpayer support and manages grants received by and for the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office.

Supply & Services Unit: This unit controls, distributes, and inventories all supplies and equipment for all areas of the Sheriff’s Office.