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The mission of the Facility Security Section is to provide for the security of all people visiting, conducting business with or working at the Courts, inside the County Court House and Public Safety Building, as well as the Civic Center and County Office Building. They assist the courts in maintaining the integrity of the judicial system by fulfilling mandated security standards by the New York State Unified Court System. The members of this section are comprised of police deputies, a Community Service Officer, and Court Security Officers.

The police deputies assigned to this section patrol and respond to calls for police services at two separate sites: the Civic Center and the County Office Building. Their duties include patrolling these sites, handling disputes, disturbances and volatile situations, making arrests, safeguarding and securing court functions, judiciary and employees, and conducting investigations of any crime or suspicious activity. Their presence serves as a deterrent.

The Community Service Officer is neither a peace or police officer. Similar to a private security company, the C.S.O. serves as a uniform presence in the Department of Social Services within the Civic Center and as additional “eyes” for the police deputy Civic Center detail relaying information and activity that may be relevant to the security of the Civic Center.