Public Information: The mission of the Public Information Office is to gather, organize, and disseminate information to representatives of the news media pursuant to N.Y. State Civil Rights Law, N.Y. State Public Officers Law, N.Y. State Fair Trial Free Press guidelines, N.Y. State Law Enforcement Accreditation Standards, and written directives set forth by the Sheriff’s Office. The duties of the PIO include the following:

  1. Complete daily review of criminal investigations, motor vehicle accidents, and arrest reports
  2. Assemble reports for media review and publication
  3. Research and respond to specific media inquiries
  4. Draft official press releases
  5. Coordinate media interviews
  6. Schedule and organize news conferences
  7. Solicit media interest and promote Sheriff’s Office operations
  8. Coordinate and manage media access to unusual incident scenes
  9. Administer the Sheriff’s S.T.O.P.P.E.D. program

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Contact person: Public Information Officer Thomas Newton Phone: 315-435-3033 Email: