police_school resourceEight deputies are assigned, after completing a specialized course, to patrolling eight of the most populated schools in the county, during the school year (September – June). This unit is a community policing initiative whose primary mission is to support school staff in providing a safe and productive learning environment. The SRO acts as a law enforcer, mentor, counselor, and teacher to the student population as well as a resource to the Administration, teachers, and parents.

Their duties include:

  • Holding counseling sessions with students, parents, teachers, and administrators
  • Presenting classroom lectures and presentations on various law enforcement topics
  • Developing information relating to public safety issues that would affect the students or schools and taking appropriate action
  • Addressing potential and actual physical confrontations among students
  • Detecting and confiscating weapons and narcotics brought onto school property
  • Investigating crimes and, if authorized, effecting arrests
  • Assisting other public safety agencies such as Fire, EMS, District Attorney, and Courts
  • Referring students to school administrators regarding disciplinary issues
  • Referring students and their families to social service agencies as appropriate
  • Attending special school events such as athletic competitions and dances
  • Attending PTA, School Board, and community meetings
  • Monitoring student lunch program and bus drop-off and pick-up

Click on the link below to view the report of the Onondaga County School Safety Task Force- A joint initiative between the Offices of the Onondaga County District Attorney, Onondaga County Executive, Onondaga County Sheriff and the City of Syracuse Mayor.

Onondaga County School Safety Task Force – Report – 2018